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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The making of Nexus One video series

We recently released an exclusive video series on the Nexus One YouTube channel, documenting the making of the Nexus One. The 5 videos in the series, titled 'The Story,' provide a unique insight into the craftsmanship involved in producing a device like the Nexus One.

Google worked closely with HTC to capture behind the scenes action of the development and production of the Nexus One and to document the partnership between the two companies.

HTC has rarely allowed cameras into its advanced manufacturing and design facilities in Taiwan, and this is the first time that processes involved in the design, testing and manufacturing have been captured in such detail.

The videos, which contain exclusive footage captured at HTC and its partner facilities, are narrated by Erick Tseng (Lead Product Manager for Nexus One, Google), Tomasz Hasinkski (Project Manager, HTC) and Lloyd Watts (Founder, Audience). Their narration was taken from live recordings of conversations about the Nexus One.

Translatable captions have been added to all the videos, so you can watch them in more than 50 languages.